Low Impact Gellyball in Frisco

Are you worried about the impact force of paintballs but still want to experience the fun? Perhaps you have a younger child who wants to participate in paintball but is afraid of the “sting” of a normal paintball. If so, we have the perfect solution—Gellyball in Frisco! 

Gellyball is the newest craze hitting the nation. Unlike traditional paintball, Gellyball is a low-impact paintball that is perfect for all ages and abilities. Gellyball pistols fire these smaller paintballs with less energy. This means more fun and less pain when taking a shot! We maintain our gellyballs in perfect conditions to help them maintain their consistency and reduce their impact on the body. 

Gellyballs are the perfect solution for kids’ birthday parties and family events. There is less mess, and it is considerably easier to participate in. No more nasty red welts from hard paintballs hitting unprotected skin. No more massive laser tag equipment. Instead, you get to participate in paintball fun that you and the family will want to do again and again.

Get Started Playing Gellyball in Frisco in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1
Get your kids or family group together. Gellyball is perfect for kids’ birthday parties or families with smaller children. Parents especially love it because they can participate without the fear of getting hit by hard paintballs.

Step 2
Call us or fill out our reservation form to reserve your spot and check availability.

Step 3
Even though gellyball is soft and easy to use, you should still dress appropriately. It is important to come wearing closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothing you can move around in.

Step 4
When you come in, our team will walk you through the process of playing gellyball. We will get you geared up with the proper safety equipment including protective masks. We teach everyone how to use their gellyball equipment so we can help ensure that everyone knows the safety rules.

Step 5
Have Fun and Repeat!

What are Gellyballs?

Gellyballs are tiny absorbent polymer beads that expand into small beads when soaked in water. They do not hurt when you get hit by them and they’re super fun to play with. They are also biodegradable and non-toxic so they’re perfect for smaller children.

What Type of Gun do You Use?

We use electronic guns that blast gellyballs quickly. These can shoot 10 balls a second and they come equipped with a pod that holds a lot of gellyballs. You can purchase additional gellyballs if necessary. Our blaster guns can shoot accurately from far away, so feel free to take longer shots!

What are the Rules for Playing Gellyball?

There are safety rules that everyone should adhere to when playing gellyball. Even though it is low-impact, you can still get hurt if you don’t follow safety instructions. 

  1. Wear masks at all times when playing.
  2. Hold gun above your head and call out when you are hit.
  3. No sliding or doing barrel rolls.
  4. Guns are ready to fire immediately so be careful.
  5. No jumping over barricades.
  6. No shooting before or after the game—only fire during gameplay.

How Much Does Gellyball Cost?

At Fury Fun Center LLC, gellyball does not have to cost a lot. In fact, we have competitive prices that make it easy for everyone to enjoy. We also offer large group incentives for groups of 10 people or more.  Call us to learn more about our large group incentives and pricing for special events, such as birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties and corporate and team building events. 

  • Gellyball Reservation – $25.00 per player (Now Includes 2 REFILLS giving you almost 2,400 GELLYBALLS)
    • Includes Gel Blaster Gun, Safety Mask and 2,400 Gellyballs
  • Extra Ammo 800 gellyballs – $6.00

Contact Us to Learn More About Gellyball in Frisco

If you are curious to learn more about low impact gellyball in Frisco, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you book your first appointment. Our trained staff members are here to make everything safe and fun. Call us at (214) 998-8670 and experience the thrill of low-impact gellyball today! Come in and enjoy yourself at Fury Fun Center LLC!